The Best Meals I’ve Ever Had

I’m a vegetarian. I have been ever since I was 12, and my reasons are a combination of religion, belief in animal rights, and taste. But I love food. Like, I really love food. I get sudden cravings at all times of the day, and for something very specific, too, not just “normal” cravings like chocolate or fries. Sometimes it’s spring rolls, sometimes it’s falafel wraps, sometimes it’s gulab jamun.

I’ve had the good fortune to be able to travel around the world and taste the different foods of the world, and I’ve had some truly spectacular meals – some of these stand out in my mind.

1. The Salish Lodge, Seattle, Washington – Belgian Waffles with Apple Butter and Cinnamon Whipped Cream, yummm. Oh, lord, what a delight! This was one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in my life.

2. Cafe Amedros, Istanbul, Turkey – the stuffed mushrooms. This whole meal was wonderful, including the dolmas and baklava, but the stuffed mushrooms were the best part.

3. My Mother’s, Capadoccia region, Turkey – I had some of the best vegetable curries here. After a week in Turkey, we were rather tired of some of the generic curries and the odd emphasis on eggplant, but the curries we had at My Mother’s were different and delicious.

4. Santorini, Greece – unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the place, but I do remember that the tomatoes stuffed with rice and vegetables was excellent. The people here were wonderful, and the restaurant was filled with cats.

5. MBK mall, Bangkok, Thailand – it’s a little strange that one of the best meals we had in Thailand was in a mall, but it’s true! It was hard for us, being vegetarians, to find varied meals in an east Asian country, but the food court at this mall had a variety of options available to us. The Thai curry and Pad Thai were particularly delicious.

6. Chokhi Dhani resort, Jaipur, India – koftas in a red curry (I can’t remember the name). The meals here were served in the form of an Indian thali, with a fixed menu every day, and the whole meal was excellent. This is probably the best Indian food I’ve ever had. And that’s saying something because I am Indian!

7. The Lazy Dog, Manali, India – some kind of paratha stuffed with cheese and apple. This is a kashmiri dish, I’m told, and the sweetness of the parathas combined with the more salty and spiced gravy is an absolute treat! We came to this place after a long trek up a hill, so I’m sure our opinions were affected by the fact that we were exhausted and starving!

8. The train station in Florence, Italy – this is even more ridiculous than the mall, and you’re probably laughing at me, I know, but hear me out! They have a wonderful dining section in the train station that serves both fresh food and frozen options. After a disappointing experience the previous day where we payed close to 20 euros for a salad (which wasn’t even good), the food train station was perfect for us. Fast, cheap, and tasty!

My mouth is watering now, remembering all these wonderful meals. I look forward to having more food adventures all over the world!


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