The Reichenbach Fall – Unedited Thoughts

I meant to post this months ago – it’s a little late now that the third season is done airing, but I found this sitting in my drafts folder and realized it needed to be posted.

So I just watched Season 2 again with my best friend and it’s got my thinking about everything all over again.

The one thing that’s really bugging me is: who is Sebastian Moran?

Moffat and Gatiss are Sherlock Holmes fanatics – they’re going to stick to the canonical works as far as possible. I’m willing to bet a huge amount of money that Moran will definitely appear in Season 3. But is it possible that we’ve already been introduced to Moran? Here are my theories/guesses:

1. The person who we think is Moriarty (Jim from IT) is actually Sebastian Moran, which means we still haven’t met the real Moriarty.

2. Kitty Riley is Sebastian Moran. Or at least she’s Moriarty’s accomplice. Or, possibly, she actually thinks Richard Brooke is real.

3. Is it Donovan? Or Anderson? Or more likely, one of the assassins?

4. Remember Sherlock’s “school friend” from The Blind Banker? His name was Sebastian. Does no one else find this suspicious?

Other questions I have:

Why are there so many references to fairy tales?

Why does Sherlock Holmes let Moriarty call Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade his friends? The very previous episode, he told John that he only has one friend.

For that matter, why is Sherlock Holmes so emotional in this episode?

Is I O U an acronym?

Is Moriarty really dead? Throughout the episode, Moriarty and Sherlock keeps saying things like “I am you” and “You are me” – the logical assumption (dismissing the theory that they switched bodies through disguise, because that’s completely absurd) is that they shadow each other. What one does, the other does. So since Sherlock fakes his death, does Moriarty do the same?

What are we supposed to infer from Grimm’s fairy tales? (These references are totally driving me crazy – I have no idea what they mean)

Does the dummy at the beginning of the episode have anything to do with how Sherlock faked his death?

The OOC thing was, at the school, when Sherlock was investigating the kidnapping case, and he suddenly said “get Anderson” – did nobody else catch this? Sherlock HATES Anderson. Why on earth would Sherlock WANT Anderson to be around him – is this possibly the OOC thing we’re supposed to be watching out for?

One thing I have to mention – some people are saying that in Hounds of Baskerville, it is hinted that humans were being cloned in the facility, and so these people think that Sherlock cloned himself and that’s how he faked his death. Let me just say that this is not possible. Clones don’t work like that; you can’t just put someone in some kind of giant machine and have two of the same people pop out. Clones work like identical twins. Genetic information would be taken from Sherlock’s DNA, and inserted into an embryo, meaning it would take 25+ years for the clone to look like/be the same age as Sherlock, and even then, 90% of the clone’s personality and a huge part of its appearance would be different due to differences in environment. This was an extremely unintelligent theory..

Is Sherlock one step ahead of Moriarty? Or does he just think he’s one step ahead of Moriarty, when really, Moriarty is winning?

Is the answer to how Sherlock faked his death hidden in The Final Problem or The Adventure of the Empty House?

We see, but we do not observe. It’s ironic that the person we need to solve Sherlock’s fake death is Sherlock.


Professor James Moriarty has a brother… named Colonel James Moriarty. Not sure how this ties in with the TV show.

Aren’t we all forgetting Mycroft? Everyone has theories about Sherlock, Moriarty, John, and Molly, but we all seem to be forgetting Mycroft. Remember that Mycroft is smarter than Sherlock. When he tells John about the assassins near 221B, and John asks if he thinks they’re Moriarty, Mycroft says “If not Moriarty, then who? He’s sworn to destroy Sherlock.” (or something to that effect).

Mycroft knows about the rivalry between Sherlock and Moriarty, and he knows Moriarty is dangerous. I don’t think he’s stupid enough to sell Sherlock’s entire life story to Moriarty. Either he fed him the wrong information, or he, too, was in on the plan.

But it seems as though everyone is in on this plan except John: Mycroft may have been involved, Molly was, Sherlock’s homeless network, and even Mrs. Hudson (some people have claimed).

Isn’t that dangerous? In SiB, we saw how easily people found out that Irene wasn’t really dead, and at that point, only three people knew she faked her death. With just three people knowing, her killers found out so quickly.

And here we are thinking that at least 10 people knew that Sherlock faked his death. The more people that know, the more likely Sebastian Moran (or Moriarty?) will find out Sherlock isn’t really dead.

So I think it’s quite likely that only Sherlock and Molly knew about it – remember that everyone underestimates Molly, so it’s not likely that Moriarty’s people will find out about Sherlock through her.

However, if you notice the strangers milling around St. Barts, they act pretty strangely when Sherlock falls:

1. When you see someone commit suicide, you’re not going to rush towards the corpse. Most people would stare for a bit, then go away – some people might be kind enough to phone the ambulance. But in this scene, everyone rushes towards Sherlock’s body, which is very suspicious.

2. Strangers don’t act the way the people near St. Bart’s did. In the scene, you can see that they’re all touching each other, kind of creating a circle or chain around Sherlock. Strangers don’t teach each other like that, they would act rigid around the body.

3. If you saw someone who had just died on the ground, and someone came and said “let me through, I’m a doctor” wouldn’t your first instinct be to make way for said doctor? All the people around Sherlock were trying as hard as they could to keep John away from the body.

From all this, I think we can conclude that most of the crowd around Sherlock was hired – possibly his homeless network. So we know for a fact that Sherlock had help from Molly and his homeless network.

The mistake that everyone is making is that they’re trying to fit facts into their own theories – how many millions of times has Sherlock Holmes warned us against this?

We have to find theories that completely fit the facts – all of us are bending the facts too much.

Okay and here’s an unlikely theory but what if, what if Sherlock hired someone a while ago who looked a lot like Sherlock, and this is the person who kidnapped the kids – that’s why the little girls screams. Up till now I thought that Moriarty set up the kidnapping to smear Sherlock’s name, but what if Sherlock was one up on him? And that’s why he says “I may be on the side of the angels, but don’t think for one second that I am one” because he did something bad, but it was in order to defeat Moriarty. So then once Moriarty commits suicide, Sherlock can switch places with his hired doppelganger, and then he takes the fall, while Sherlock makes his escape.

Okay, so maybe that’s a little far-fetched.

WAIT. I just got another idea. Since we’ve already assumed that all the people around St. Bart’s were Sherlock’s homeless network, what if it was just Sherlock all along? Sherlock jumps, the homeless network creates a human net to break Sherlock’s fall. Then the bike rider bumps into John, and the laundry truck remains in front of Sherlock, so that they can all arrange the blood, and Sherlock could stop his pulse using the rubber ball.

Why hasn’t anyone thought of this theory before? Even though it’s not as elaborate as other theories, it’s just as likely, right?

Thoughts about His Last Vow coming soon.


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